Custom Solutions

Bellstone provides custom solutions including systems architecture and design, software development, integration with third-party services, and dev ops design.

Systems Architecture and Design

When a software project starts with a poor design, it’s far more likely to go over budget, experience delays, and fail to perform as expected. Bellstone’s experience in designing large-scale software systems can prevent those problems. We can help you design the system you need and prepare your internal team to develop the project, potentially with some additional training.

Ensure your project is starting in the right direction with consultation from our expert systems architects.

Software Development

If you don’t have an internal team to build your software project, Bellstone can handle everything for you. Our software developers will build a high-quality, reliable, maintainable software system that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking for a system to track your sales and provide insight, software to optimize document control workflows, or a web app to simplify entry and management of complex data, we have you covered. Our software development process is client centered to ensure we meet your needs.

Automate your processes, save your employees’ time, and engage your customers with custom software.


Are you constantly transferring data between incompatible systems? You know Quickbooks can talk to your inventory software, but how? Maybe you need version numbers from your CAD tool inserted into your reports, or you want to remotely monitor and control your manufacturing line. If it uses electricity, it can likely be automated, and if it can be automated, it can be integrated into a complete solution, saving your team time and reducing errors.

Integrate your software and hardware systems for automated reporting, time savings, and reduced errors and incidents.

Dev Ops Design

Are your existing software services running optimally? Are you happy with your uptime and response to incidents? Bellstone can review your existing deployment infrastructure to suggest improvements or design an entirely new architecture. We can integrate with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, your in-house server, or your platform of choice. Our adherence to best practices will ensure that your architecture is stable and maintainable. We can provide long-term maintenance or train your team to manage your services in the future.

Reduce your downtime and improve reliability with dev ops designed right.