Software Engineering Consulting

Bellstone’s consulting spans five main areas: data analytics and pipelines, deployment consultation (e.g. AWS, Docker, Google Cloud), training for software engineering teams, security audits, and training/support for researchers.

Data Analytics and Pipelines

Do you have business data but no one to unlock its secrets? Or are you unsure of how to even begin collecting data for analytics? Whether you have a database full of clean data or folders full of unorganized information, we can help you to glean actionable insights and build a pipeline to automate future data collection and reporting.

Turn your under-utilized data into actionable reports to reduce costs and clarify decision making.

Deployment Consultation

Bellstone Engineering is passionate about developing software the right way, and that includes deployment. Many deployment strategies are cobbled together over years of development, resulting in a process that isn’t reliable and reproducible. That increases risk; when the system goes down or a bug is introduced, valuable revenue and reputation are lost during the scramble to get the system back online. Reduce downtime and make your software engineers more efficient by improving and automating your deployment process. Use technologies from Amazon, Microsoft, or Google so you don’t have to worry about serving your own content.

We’ll show you how to transition your product, launch a new product, or improve your usage of deployment technologies and train your team to use them going forward so your developers can focus on the product.

Training for Software Engineering Teams

At Bellstone, we believe that following software best practices results in better software. Software is easier to maintain, easier to extend, and less likely to have bugs. As a result, your company’s reputation and revenue are better protected against software catastrophes. While practices like version control, continuous integration, and automated testing are becoming ubiquitous, many teams still under-utilize these tools and practices. We can provide training regarding many tools, new and old, to help your team.

Ensure your team is getting the most out of the tools available to you. We will show you how to improve your team’s existing practices.

Security Audits

Many companies believe they can’t or won’t be hacked, but their security practices leave them open to exploitation. Recent hacks like the Marriott hotel breach or the Quora data hack resulted in millions of users’ private records being stolen, exposing those companies to bad press, major costs, and legal liability. Even technology giants like Sony have been hacked. While the involvement of foreign governments makes it seem impossible to protect yourself against these attacks, in practice there are a lot of simple techniques that can be used to provide significant protection. Bellstone can assess your risk and show you how to protect yourself and your software.

Secure your servers and protect your users to make sure you don’t end up as another hacking headline.

Research and Data Science Training and Support

Writing custom software to analyze your data can result in huge time savings and new insights into your data. Grad students don’t need a computer science background to write code, but they can easily waste weeks or months trying to overcome programming problems. Bellstone’s consultants have experience with academic data analysis and can provide direct support for your students at affordable rates to get results faster with less wasted time. We offer initial in-person consultations to understand your unique needs at a discounted price. After that, you can email your consultant directly for help with future problems. Grad students will find their thesis coming together faster and professors will receive higher-quality work which can be passed on to future students. For more advanced projects, we can also offer design expertise or even write the software for you.

Publish papers faster and be confident your analysis scripts are doing what you think they’re doing by writing code in collaboration with Bellstone consultants.